September 26, 2023
Book Review | Marvel's Powers of a Girl (U.S Edition)

Marvel’s Powers of a Girl Showcases the Powerhouses of the Marvel Universe

Powers of a Girl is the latest reference book about Marvel superheroes from Marvel Press and Disney Publishing. Featuring thirty-one of Marvel’s female superheroes and powerful women this book is just what we need to bring to the accomplishments of female characters to the forefront.

Marvel’s Powers Of A Girl |by Lorraine Cink

Book Review | Marvel's Powers of a Girl (U.S Edition)Written by Lorraine Cink in a conversational tone, the text is a quick and easy to understand read. It doesn’t get bogged down in too many details and keeps things interesting. Each character gets a four-page spread that includes a full-page portrait of the character and a three-page profile.
captain-marvel-powers-of-a-girl.jpgThe profile details their origins and summarizes their history. This might seem like a daunting task to fit characters that have been around for decades into just three pages, but only the major events that affect the characters’ development and storyline over the years are told.

While I enjoyed the whole book, my favorite profiles were on characters I was unfamiliar with or only slightly familiar with. America Chavez aka Ms. America, Lunella Lafeyette aka Moon Girl, Gwen Stacy’s Ghost Spider, Doreen Green aka Squirrel Girl, and Captain Marvel were all new to me. Mantis, Shuri, and the Dora Milaje were familiar to me from the MCU, but their histories weren’t heavily explored there, at least not yet. My only disappointment is that none of the X-Men characters is featured.
lorraine-cink-powers-of-a-girlPowers of a Girl

Lorraine Cink is a comedian, host, and author. She can be seen on Marvel’s Earth’s Mightiest Show and The Marvel Minute. She is also the author of Ultimate Marvel and Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know. While I haven’t read her other Marvel titles, I will be looking into them in the future. I really liked her style and storytelling ability.

Alice X. Zhang is a designer and illustrator with an interest in cinema, comics, and pop culture. She has done art for BBC Worldwide, including Doctor Who and Sherlock, Lucasfilm, and Marvel. Her artwork is simply stunning. I really love her use of light and dark colors. She truly captures the characters’ look and likeness.

I highly recommend this title for those that are looking to learn about Marvel’s female characters. It’s especially relevant for young female fans looking to learn more about their favorite superheroes.

Marvel’s Powers Of A Girl by Lorraine Cink is published by Disney Books in the United States and is available from all good bookstores now.


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