December 2, 2023

Thomas opens the Hasbro Black Series Imperial Jumptrooper from Star Wars: Rebels

The first Black Series of 2019 is the Imperial Jumptrooper from Star Wars Rebels! In the US, the figure is available at Gamestop while in Europe it’s available through internet outlets at a normal price, unlike previous exclusives. Hasbro has worked tirelessly to improve distribution in Europe in the last few months which has ensured a fairer pricing structure which is most welcome. This exclusive can be found at £18.95.

I’m always happy when Hasbro releases figures from the Star Wars animated series, plus it’s a new trooper so I’m even more excited! The Jumptrooper is an advanced version of the Stormtrooper so it’s basically the same sculpt except for the helmet and the shoulder pads, plus this one has a jetpack (obviously considering how this trooper is called!) The blaster is a repaint of the normal E-11 blaster, they gave it a “dirty” look, the blaster fits correctly in the holster. This figure has nice paint apps and is totally screen accurate.

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For the first time in the history of Black Series, this trooper comes with a figure stand! It’s a transparent triangle shaped stand with “Star Wars The Black Series” etched onto it. It’s nice that Hasbro is finally starting to include stands, hopefully, we’ll see more of these in the future!


This figure has 21 points of articulation.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

The Imperial Jumptrooper is a pretty good figure. Characters from the animated series’ are always welcome additions to the line and long may the trend continue.


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