Marvel Legends Review | Iron Man Mark VII (First Ten Years)

Thomas ignites his repulsor blasts for his review of the Marvel Legends Iron Man action figure from The Avengers…

Iron Man Mark VII is part of the Marvel Studios First Ten Years action figure line that celebrates the incredible first decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This figure is based on Tony Stark’s suit from the finale of The Avengers.

Iron Man comes with two interchangeable hands and two repulsor blast hand effects that can be attached to his palms. It’s a nice idea to include these effects, it reminds me of what Hasbro did with the 3.75 inch Star Wars: Attack of the Clones figures so many years ago to have blaster effects and things like this, it added a little something special to the action figure.


I’ve chosen this version of Iron Man because it’s one of my favorite suits of the character and I’m happy with it. It has good paint apps, it’s screen accurate, it’s well articulated (21 points of articulation) allowing for plenty of action poses. The “wings” at the back can be opened. I’ve seen other Iron Man figures and what I really like about this one is the plastic has less a toy aspect than the others, they tried to give it a hint of metallic color. The results are definitely better than with the Black Series C-3PO figures.

My main gripe with the figure is the lack of interchangeable Tony Stark head, that would have been so great!

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

The Iron Man Mark VII is an amazing figure but it misses an interchangeable Tony Stark head!


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