Marvel Legends Review | Talos (Captain Marvel)

Higher. Further. Faster. The Skrulls have infiltrated our action figure reviews bringing Thomas face to face with the cunning spy Talos

Our next review in the Marvel Legends series is Talos from Captain Marvel! He’s part of the first wave of the movie that has a comic Kree sentry as a Build-A-Figure. Talos, perhaps the most cunning spy in all of the Skrull Empire, is a master of shapeshifting and intergalactic espionage. An Integral leader in the bitter Kree-Skrull War, the fearsome Talos will do whatever it takes to protect his own.

This figure comes with a record of ZERO accessories and it’s extremely disappointing. Two interchangeable hands and the cup he uses at Maria’s house would have been some fun accessories but no Hasbro decided not to go down this road.

Marvel Legends Review | Talos (Captain Marvel)

Thankfully, the figure itself is amazing! The outfit is HIGHLY detailed with a precise paint app. The head sculpt is also quite good! Visually, it’s a beautiful figure and screen accurate.

This figure is also highly articulated – 22 points of articulation, it’s a lot!

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

It’s a great figure but it lacks accessories especially when you look at other Marvel Legends figures.


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