Avengers | Disney+ Developing a Hawkeye Series

Clint Barton becomes the latest Avenger to make the transition to the new Disney Streaming Service

With Marvel Studios actively developing several limited series’ based on the Avengers, fans have been waiting to learn which character would be next to make the jump to the all-new streaming service set to launch in the latter stages of 2019.

MCU characters such as Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki, Vision, and Scarlet Witch have all been confirmed to be spearheading all-new limited series’ and today we can confirm that Hawkeye will soon be joining them. Variety is reporting that Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton will be bringing his lethal skillset to Disney+ for his very own limited series.


The action-adventure series is said to feature an adventure that will see Barton passing the torch to Kate Bishop, aka Hawkeye. In the pages of Marvel Comics, Kate is Clint’s equal in every way, that includes her skills in marksmanship as well as her limitless sense of valour.

Avengers | Disney+ Developing a Hawkeye Series

Each of the planned series destined for Disney+ is expected to clock in at six to eight episodes, with each show offering fans a targetted look at their favorite MCU characters. Kevin Feige will be producing this exciting lineup of shows, which will all be made with a generous budget.

This is awesome news. Fans have been calling for Hawkeye to have a far greater role in each and every Avengers movie, and now, thanks to Disney+ we can all look forward to spending more time with Marvel’s favourite marksman.

Hawkeye will return to the screen in Avengers Endgame which opens on April 25th.


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Source: Variety


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