November 26, 2022

Swoop into Gotham City and experience Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin like never before on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

In 1989, director Tim Burton changed the superhero genre forever when brought his incarnation of Batman to the screen. With Michael Keaton cast as Gotham’s Caped Crusader, Tim Burton delivered a far darker take on the character than anything ever attempted before. The rest, as they say, was history and the dark knight flourished under the leadership of Warner Bros. with a further three blockbuster movies in Batman Returns, Batman Forever and the divisive Batman & Robin.

At long last, these fantastic movies are finally set to make the transition to 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray giving fans the chance to experience Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman & Robin like never before. And now Warner Bros. Shop UK has made them all available for pre-order.

The 4K Ultra Batman Quadrilogy is Now Available To Pre-Order


After witnessing his parents’ brutal murder as a child, millionaire-philanthropist Bruce Wayne pledges his life to fight crime disguised as Batman. His long-time nemesis, The Joker, has sinister plans for the citizens of Gotham City. His greed is matched by his obsession with photojournalist Vicki Vale. But Batman is there to counter the Joker’s every move. With the fate of Gotham and Vicki in the balance, will good or evil prevail?


Music Videos, Batman: The Complete Robin Storyboard Sequence, Beyond Batman: Nocturnal Overtures: The Music of Batman, Beyond Batman: From Jack to the Joker, Beyond Batman: Designing the Batsuit, Beyond Batman: Those Wonderful Toys – The Props & Gadgets of Batman, Beyond Batman: Building the Batmobile, Beyond Batman: Visualizing Gotham – The Production Design of Batman, Batman: The Villains – Bob the Goon, Batman: The Villains – The Joker, Batman: The Heroes – Harvey Dent, Batman: The Heroes – Commissioner Gordon, Batman: The Heroes – Alexander Knox, Batman: The Heroes – Vicki Vale, Batman: The Heroes – Batman, Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight, On Set With Bob Kane, Legends of the Dark Knight, Theatrical Trailer, Commentary by Tim Burton.

Batman Returns:

Gotham City faces two monstrous criminal menaces: the bizarre, sinister Penguin (Danny DeVito) and the slinky, mysterious Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer). Can Batman (Michael Keaton) battle two formidable foes at once? Especially when one wants to be mayor and the other is romantically attracted to Gotham’s hero? Like the 1989 groundbreaking original, Batman Returns is directed by the moviemaking wizard Tim Burton. And like the first blockbuster, it’s a dazzling adventure that leaves you breathless.


Commentary by Tim Burton, The Bat, The Cat & the Penguin, Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight, Batman: The Heroes – Batman, Batman: The Heroes – Alfred, Batman: The Villains – The Penguin, Batman: The Villains- Catwoman, Batman: The Villains – max Shreck, Beyond Batman: Gotham City Revisited: The Production Design of Batman Returns, Beyond Batman: Sleek, Sexy & Sinister: The Costumes of Batman Returns, Beyond Batman: Making-up the Penguin, Beyond Batman: Assembling the Arctic Army, Beyond Batman: Bats, Mattes & Dark Knights: The Visual Effects of Batman, Beyond Batman: Inside the Elfman Studios: The Music of Batman Returns, Face to face Music Video by Siouxsie and the Banshees, Theatrical Trailer

Batman Forever:

Riddle me this, riddle me that, you’ll find adventure on the wings of a bat! Brace for excitement as Val Kilmer (Batman), Tommy Lee Jones (Two-Face), Jim Carrey (The Riddler), Nicole Kidman (Dr Chase Meridian) and Chris O’Donnell (Robin) star in the third spectacular film in the Warner Bros. Batman series. Joel Schumacher (The Client) directs and Tim Burton coproduces this thrill ride of a movie that thunders along on Batmobile, Batwing, Batboat, Batsub and bold heroics. Hang on!


Commentary by Joel Schumacher, Riddle Me This: Why Is Batman Forever, Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of The Dark Knight pt.5, Batman: The Heroes – Batman, Batman: The Heroes- Robin, Batman: The Heroes-Dr. Chase Meridian, Batman: The Villains – The Riddler, Batman: The Villains-Two-Face, Beyond Batman: Out of the Shadows: The Production Design of Batman Forever, Beyond Batman: The Many Faces of Gotham City, Beyond Batman: Knight Moves: The Stunts of Batman Forever, Deleted Scenes (Escape From Arkham, Beauty and the Batman, Dick’s Pain, Bruce’s Dilemma, The Secret of the Batcave, Does It Ever End?), Kiss From a Rose Music Video by Seal, Theatrical Trailer

Batman & Robin:

George Clooney plays the Dark Knight, who’s facing his deadliest threat yet: coldhearted Mr Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and venomous Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). Batman has more than Gotham City to protect: The youthful eagerness of crimefighting comrades Robin (Chris O’Donnell) and Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone) puts them frequently in harm’s way. Very special effects include a wild skydiving sequence and Mr Freeze’s outrageous arsenal of ice-blasting weapons. Joel Schumacher directs.


Commentary by Joel Schumacher, Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight pt.6, Batman: The Heroes – Batman, Batman: The Heroes – Robin, Batman: The Heroes – Batgirl, Batman: The Villains – Mr Freeze, Batman: The Villains- Poison Ivy, Batman: The Villains – Bane, Beyond Batman: Bigger, Bolder & Brighter: The Production Design of Batman & Robin, Beyond Batman: Maximum Overdrive: The Vehicles of Batman & Robin, Beyond Batman: Dressed to Thrill: The Costumes of Batman & Robin, Beyond Batman: Frozen Freaks & Femme Fatales: The Makeup of Batman & Robin, Beyond Batman: Freeze Frame: The Visual Effects of Batman & Robin, Deleted Scenes: Alfred’s Lost Love, Music Videos, Theatrical Trailer

And if that wasn’t enough to have you screaming “To the Batmobile!” with delight, Warner Bros. Shop UK is offering a 10% discount when using the code WELCOME at checkout. All the more reason to click the pre-order button.

Pre-order yours today HERE.


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