September 30, 2023
The Rise of Skywalker | What's Next for Rose?

Annlyel explores the story arc of Rose in The Rise Of Skywalker

Rian Johnson introduced a new major character to the sequel trilogy in the form of Rose, a Resistance mechanic who gets swept on an incredible adventure with Finn to stop the First Order. Rose was special for a couple of reasons. First of all, she was another interesting heroine that was being introduced to the Star Wars universe and that is always exciting. And secondly, she was the first major female Asian character to ever appear in a Star Wars movie and that was yet another boundary the franchise had crossed. That’s an achievement in itself. But what now? After the events of The Last Jediwhere should her story go? Here is my theory.


Rose Was Just a Mechanic but Now She is a Resistance Fighter. What Next?

Rose had a tragic beginning to her story. She had just lost her best friend, her older sister, Paige, and she was an emotional wreck but she was able to find something worth caring about again in Finn. Finn, to her, was a shining light that portrayed what the Resistance was all about and she couldn’t help but look up to him. When she found out he wasn’t invested in the Resistance it was a startling realization and her relationship didn’t start on the brightest note. But then, over time, she began to care about Finn and grow romantically attached to him. Long story short, she fought with the Resistance, nearly killed herself to save Finn’s life, and told the ex-stormtrooper that she loved him before falling unconscious. When we see her again in The Rise of Skywalker what will she be up to? Well, I have an interesting idea of where her story can take her next.

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Rose fought alongside the Resistance at the end of The Last Jedi but when we see her again I think J.J Abrams should return her to being a mechanic…a lead mechanic of course. And this would make total sense with her story.

The Rise of Skywalker | What's Next for Rose?

Her sister Paige was the fighter while she was never interested in that role. Yes, she fought on the front lines in The Last Jedi but she always will have the heart of a mechanic. I would love to see Rose create some fascinating new upgrades to the X-Wings, the Fleet, and the Resistance soldiers’ weapons and gear. That would be a great use of her character and could make her a very important character to this final movie. I mean, what if she could make something, a weapon or some sort of device, that was so powerful that the First Order would be deathly afraid of it like the Rebellion used to react when they heard of the first Death Star? Not only would that be something that hasn’t happened before in Star Wars but it would also truly incorporate that mechanical aspect of hers.


If we turn her into a plain Resistance fighter like everyone else she won’t be any different than Finn or Poe but if she’s the one behind-the-scenes making mechanical upgrades that could help the Resistance in their fight against the First Order that would be pretty incredible. Of course, she’ll still have a compelling story as the film potentially delves into her feelings for Finn and tries to defeat the First Order for her deceased sister, Paige, but I feel that that would be the most imaginative way to use her character.

The main question is how large will a role will she play in the film? We’ve seen a picture of her talking with Rey during Star Wars Celebration but it doesn’t seem like she’ll be on the fun adventure with Finn and Poe. So, does that mean there won’t be as much Rose this time around? We’ll see. We’ll see.


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