December 2, 2023
Indiana Jones 5 is Expected to Start filming Next Week Says Harrison Ford!

Harrison Ford confirms cameras will roll on Indy’s newest adventure sometime next week.

After what has seemed like an eternity, cameras will soon be rolling on the next instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise.

The acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney opened the doorway to another adventure for the famous archaeologist and despite rumours of re-casting and delays, Harrison Ford has confirmed the commencement of shooting.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge | Dedication Ceremony

For those of you tuning into the Dedication Ceremony of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (WATCH IT HERE), Harrison Ford made a surprise appearance on stage alongside fellow Star Wars alumni Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams and George Lucas and gave the new Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run ride his personal blessing.

Whilst promoting the all-new ride during the premiere of The Secret Life of Pets 2, the screen legend was interviewed by Variety who prompted him for an update on Steven Spielberg’s untitled sequel and Ford, unreservedly replied: “we should be starting to shoot sometime next week.” And continued by saying “looking forward to it,” and that “things are coming along well.”


Alarm bells started to ring when Disney pushed back the proposed release date by a year amidst reports of recasting the role with a younger actor, however, Ford emphatically put those rumours to bed last month on the Today Show. In fact, he was quoted as saying “Nobody is going to be Indiana Jones.” And concluded by saying “Don’t you get it? I’m Indiana Jones. When I’m gone, he’s gone. It’s easy.”

This will come as music to the ears of millions of Indiana Jones fans around the world. Hardcore Indy fans would scoff at the recasting of such an iconic character, but that hasn’t stopped Disney so far. The last entry in the saga, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull proved to one of the most divisive movies in recent memory, however, with Ford slipping back into the Fedora and Spielberg back behind the camera, the character has more than enough left in the tank for one last ride. And, if I had my way…another trilogy would follow that…but maybe that’s hoping for too much!


So, there you have it. Shooting on Indiana Jones 5 will begin next week, with plans to release the film in cinemas on July 9th, 2021.

Fortune and glory await you doctor Jones!


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Source: Variety

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