February 3, 2023
The Rise of Skywalker | What's Next for Poe Dameron?

Annlyel explores the story arc of Poe Dameron in The Rise Of Skywalker

The Last Jedi was and wasn’t the best film for Poe Dameron. In The Force Awakens Poe was the greatest pilot ever! I was SO happy that J.J Abrams decided to let him live for another movie. Rian Johnson, however, took this incredible character that I loved so much and made a story for him for the better…and the worse. He elevated the character by evolving him from a simple pilot to a wiser leader but he also might’ve hurt Poe by making him a little too brash and confused at times. Star Wars viewers started to dislike the character and now Poe has gone from an instant fan favorite to a slight annoyance of the trilogy. But what’s next for this charming king of the skies? Here are some ideas for where his story can take him in the Skywalker saga finale.

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Poe Is Now A Recognized Leader of the Resistance but What New Obstacles Could He Face?

Poe went from being a Resistance hero to a demoted disappointment and then back around to a trusted leader by the conclusion of The Last Jedi but has he already passed his biggest test or is his toughest obstacle still to come? I think it’s safe to say that when we see the delightful Poe again he’ll return to being a commander (maybe even potentially a general) of the Resistance considering how much of a leader he was by the end of The Last Jedi but if it’s a substantial time gap what will he have to face? What will the last leg of his journey present to the trilogy as a whole? Well, I think a side of him that we haven’t seen in the trilogy yet is his protectiveness of those that he loves.

The Rise of Skywalker | What's Next for Poe Dameron?

Even though he obviously loves Leia as a surrogate mother and he cares deeply about his friends and fellow Resistance fighters he’s always thought of himself more than others. That’s why he disobeyed Leia when she called off the attack on the Dreadnaught. That’s why he tried to concoct a plan to save the Resistance…himself…and Leia stunned him for his mutinous actions. He’s always been a little self-centered, it’s part of his endearing charm, but it can make him, in the eyes of others, a little conceited. But now that Poe has a level head and is making decisions more rationally what would happen to him if he had to confront the reality of losing someone he loves (like Finn potentially?) He would undoubtedly want to keep that person safe and that could lead him back to that selfish personality that haunted him so badly in The Last Jedi. Would he potentially jeopardize the Resistance to save the life of someone he loves?
The Rise of Skywalker | What's Next for Poe Dameron?

These are obstacles that he hasn’t been faced with and could serve as a very emotional final chapter to his story with a glorious triumph or a resounding heartbreak. This is the storyline that I would give Poe considering that Rian Johnson already provided him with a worthy development in The Last Jedi and I think J.J Abrams should simply build on that evolution.


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