February 6, 2023
S.H Figuarts Review | Iron Man MK 50 Nano Weapon Set (Avengers: Infinity War)

Phil calls in the Iron Man MK 50 from Tamashii Nations’ S.H Figuarts Collection to stop Thanos!

A must-have item for all Avengers: Infinity War Lovers! The Iron Man Mk-50 with realistic Nano-Weapon attachments has finally come to life! Wings and weapons are attached to both arms and legs. Exclusive Tamashii Nations Stage included in the set.

In recent years, Tamashii Nations has excelled with its incredible range of premium action figures. From the great characters of the DC Universe to the heroes of the Star Wars saga, and even the Harry Potter franchise, the S.H Figuarts line has them all. And standing out at the front of the pack are the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Iron Man MK-50 Nano Weapons Set has been a highly sought-after figure since its release last year. Described as a must have for all Avengers fans, the figure boasts a host of new weapons which are fully interchangeable giving you the chance to make the one of the best Iron Man figures you can buy. The packaging is immaculate and gives you a real sense of grandeur and builds the excitement for what awaits you inside the box. Sadly, this is where the disappointment starts.

S.H Figuarts Review | Iron Man MK 50 Nano Weapon Set (Avengers: Infinity War)

The figure comes with a cool Tamashii Nations stand stencilled with the Iron Man MK-50 name and that is pretty much it. The box depicts Iron Man using one of his new NanoTech plasma cannons, but this is not included in the box, neither is the forearm mounted plasma cannon shown on the reverse of the box. Nor does it come with the interchangeable hands and feet depicted on the box. Sadly, what you see is what you get. Unfortunately, to own the full range of accessories for this figure, you need to buy the second version which was also released last year.

S.H Figuarts Review | Iron Man MK 50 Nano Weapon Set (Avengers: Infinity War)

Sadly, this shortage of accessories mixed with the false advertising of the packaging makes the rest of the set a little underwhelming. Yes, it’s a solid figure, yes, its aesthetically glorious to look at but beyond that, it is nothing more than a glorified lump of plastic.

The figure itself is wonderful to look at. In fact, it is one of the best figures I have seen. The armour has been recreated to perfection and has been rendered with metallic paint which gives the figure a realistic finish. The proportions have been replicated well and the head sculpt is right up there with the best of them. I love the attention to detail on the armour. Every section has been lovingly recreated, and the feet have been moulded from metal giving the figure a heavy quality.

S.H Figuarts Review | Iron Man MK 50 Nano Weapon Set (Avengers: Infinity War)

The blades attached to hands are apparently detachable. As are the feet, but without the second figure, I haven’t bothered to detach them. The fins on the reverse of the armour, however, are detachable and can be removed and restored easily. The figure comes with an amazing amount of articulation making it super posable for your shelf display or toy photography.

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Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this figure. Yes, it is glorious to look at. Yes, it’s a solid figure with a pleasing weight to it. Yes, the armour has been recreated to perfection, but aside from that, without the second figure, the Iron Man MK-50 Nano Weapon figure is nothing more than a glorified paperweight. I am convinced that once the second version has been secured my thoughts on this figure will improve, however, with it being hard to find at a reasonable price the odds of my grabbing him anytime soon are slim.

If you already have the second figure, I’d definitely recommend you pick this one up, but if you’re looking for the perfect Infinity War Iron Man to bolster your collection I’d recommend you buy the other incarnation first and avoid being disappointed.


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