September 30, 2023
Swamp Thing | DC Universe Cancels the Series After Just One Season

James Wan’s monster superhero series sunk after just ten episodes

In a bizarre twist emerging from DC Universe, James Wan’s Swamp Thing has been retired after just one season and after only one episode has debuted on the streaming service. The series was put on hiatus for a brief time back in April and when production was finally allowed to continue, the series had been reduced from the initial thirteen-episode premise down to just ten.

Swamp Thing | DC Universe Cancels the Series After Just One Season

At the time, James Wan went on record to support the reduced quota citing his intention for the show to only run for ten episodes in the first place. However, rumblings of discontent in the hallways of DC Universe has been mooted for some time, and the cancellation of the show appears to confirm the studios’ loss of faith.

Furthermore, shortly after word of the show’s cancellation hit the wires, series writer John Gholson took to his personal Twitter account to clarify the official position relating to the show’s abrupt demise. Shockingly, Gholson explains that the show was cancelled due to trouble with North Carolina’s tax rebates. Check it out:

It is unfortunate to see one of DC’s hottest properties retired after such a short run. The platform’s other shows have until now been a hit with the fans. Titans enjoyed a stellar first season and Doom Patrol was well received, and Swamp Thing’s debut episode had been met with a mixed reaction, but that is hardly a position to judge the series on. What the series had in store in future seasons we’ll never know, but at least we have nine more episodes to enthral us before Swamp Thing returns to the depths.


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Source: DC  Variety

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