The Best Moment | Thor

Annlyel continues her series focussing on the best moment from every instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ah, ThorThor is literally the first Marvel movie I’ve ever seen in the movie theaters. My parents and I were at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and Thor had just come out. We figured we might as well go see it, so we did. I remember coming out of that theater royally disappointed.

Since seeing it in 2011 I have only watched the movie one other time, and that was years ago, so my memory of this film is very, very murky indeed. I will, however, try to look deep within the recesses of my brain and determine a favorite moment from this movie, if there are any. So, here goes nothing.

The Best Moment | Thor

Hmm, what’s the best moment in Thor? I’d have to say my favorite moment is when Thor and co. are fighting the Frost Giants. I remember seeing that scene for the first time and thinking to myself, “This is pretty cool.” Unfortunately, the movie didn’t remain in Asgard the whole time and it was his time on Earth that was the worst section of the story.

The Best Moment | Thor

Thankfully by the time of Thor: Ragnarok the writers realized this and let Thor remain in the space for the duration of the film. Hence, it was the best movie in the Thor trilogy.

Now, I’m excited because the next stop takes us to Captain America: The First Avenger.


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