CW Confirms Premiere Dates for Batwoman and the Arrowverse

Gotham’s newest Caped Crusader is heading our way this October

With anticipation building for the launch of Ruby Rose’s new Batwoman series, the CW has moved quickly to lock in its premiere dates for its growing collection of “Arrowverse” shows.

CW Confirms Premiere Dates for Batwoman and the Arrowverse

Despite the somewhat bittersweet climax to Arrow fast approaching spirits are high in CW Arrowverse and things are looking even better with the news that Batwoman will be kicking things off on Oct. 6th alongside Supergirl. The final season of Arrow will follow on Oct. 15th with “Crisis on Infinite Earths” happening towards the end of 2019. The mother of all crossovers is now expected to be spread out across both sides of the New Year period.

Mark these dates in your calendars:

Sunday, Oct. 6th:
8 p.m. | Batwoman
9 p.m. | Supergirl

Tuesday, Oct. 8th:
8 p.m. | The Flash

Tuesday, Oct. 15th:
9 p.m. | Arrow (the final season)

Monday, Oct. 21st:
9 p.m. | Black Lightning


How these dates will relate in the UK remains to be seen. Arrow, Flash and Supergirl are currently broadcast on Sky One while Black Lightning is syndicated weekly via Netflix. For the moment, Batwoman is yet to find a home in the UK, however, with a deal already in place with BSkyB for the majority of the “Arrowverse” one would assume Batwoman is a shoo-in to slip into Arrow’s vacant slot when the final season ends.

CW Confirms Premiere Dates for Batwoman and the Arrowverse

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