Star Wars | Samuel L. Jackson Wants One More Run as Mace Windu

The Star Wars legend is ready to dust off the Jedi robes one last time

Samuel L. Jackson is like the energizer bunny.

Not only has he tackled a hungry pack of Velociraptors in Jurassic Park, but he’s also faced off against King Kong in Skull Island, beat a plane full of snakes in Snakes On a Plane, been eaten by sharks in Deep Blue Sea, put together a team of superheroes in The Avengers, and even unleashed a purple lightsaber in the Star Wars universe.


He’s starred in almost everything and just happens to be one of the coolest cats in Hollywood. But, which of his former characters would he like to see given a new lease of life on the big screen?

Simple…Mace Windu.


During an interview on “The Late Show,” the Hollywood legend made a case for the Jedi Masters’ return in a future Star Wars project. Windu was last seen falling to his death during 2005’s Revenge of the Sith after having his arm cut off by Anakin Skywalker and being electrocuted by a blast of Darth Sidious’ force lightning. However, Jackson believes his tenacious Jedi would have survived the attack.

Check out the interview here:

“Jedi can fall from incredible heights and not die, like cats.” – These words should be made scripture in the Star Wars Universe…

In truth, the man has a point! Darth Maul was famously cut in half before toppling into a Naboo Palace chasm and lived to tell the tale. Both Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke both suffered the indignity of having their arms cut off and Emperor Palpatine was thrown into a seemingly bottomless Death Star shaft….and yet, he is making a comeback in The Rise of Skywalker.


If these legends of the saga can make a comeback surely Mace Windu deserves the chance to wield his lightsaber and glare at his enemies one last time! Whether it be in an all-new Disney+ series or another big screen outing the fans would love to ride with Mace Windu again!

Over to you Lucasfilm…the force is in your court!


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Source: The Late Show

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