Marvel Legends Review | Spider-Man (Spider-Man Far From Home)

Thomas swings into this review alongside our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man in Hasbro’s Far From Home wave

Peter Parker continues his adventures as the web-slinging Superhero Spider-Man, protecting the city he calls home.

With Spider-Man Far From Home swinging into cinemas next week Hasbro has released an all-new wave of action figures from the movie, the Build-A-Figure character is Molten Man! This new Spider-Man figure uses the black and red outfit that will be introduced in the movie.

This figure comes with 4 interchangeable hands – 2 hands that can hold something (maybe a future accessory?) and 2 hands that are in a position to launch webs. Spider-Man has 26 points of articulation, it’s a lot for a Marvel Legends figure! It has two additional POA on the elbows which is something we don’t see very often with the ML line so it’s appreciated!

Marvel Legends Review | Spider-Man (Spider-Man Far From Home)

The outfit is screen accurate with some good paint apps, the right choice of colors and great textures of the suit!

Up Close:

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is a great Spider-Man figure with a pretty awesome outfit! The black and red colors were a good idea!


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1 thought on “Marvel Legends Review | Spider-Man (Spider-Man Far From Home)

  1. Did you not notice that the web lines aren’t even painted? And the plastic is so extremely shiny that it has that super cheap look to it. This figure is absolutely terrible unless you customize the web lines and give it a flat clear coat spray. Sometimes Hasbro makes you work to have a good complete figure!

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