February 7, 2023
Star Wars Celebration | Anaheim 2020 Dates Announced

What it is and how to use it for Star Wars Celebration 2020 in Anaheim, California

For those who unfortunately missed out on buying a badge on June 21 to next year’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California, your luck has not run out. As time goes on and people need to sell their badges for various reasons (lost a job, family emergency, etc…), they can now turn to safe and secure ticket resale site known as lyte.com. According to Savanna Oudit of the Dorky Diva Podcast, it was successfully used by many people who ended up attending this year’s Celebration in Chicago.

Star Wars Celebration | Anaheim 2020 Dates Announced

Now, the next thing you’re likely wondering is how it works. The answer to that is very simple. Just enter your email address on the bottom of the page linked here, then once badges become available, enter your credit/debit card information and the purchase will be completed automatically at the offered price. After that, the badge(s) are yours as if you bought them directly from the original seller. When badges ship after that in regards to the ones bought on June 21, through the official Star Wars/Reed Pop site, is for now unknown.

What is known, however, is that this website was founded back in 2013 and has been helping fans safely attend the event(s) of their choosing ever since. In their own words, “…no fan has ever arrived at the box office to find their ticket is not real”. This means that the based on the badge/ticket you bought from this site, you are guaranteed admission into the event you paid for. More than that, you’re guaranteed not to overpay for your badge/ticket. It’s simple, safe and along with being used by Star Wars fans before, it has also been known to partner with New York Comic Con and Coachella. How much more reliable can you get? No, I can promise you they are paying me nothing to write this (as much as I wish they were).

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So for fans who missed out on buying their badge to next year’s Star Wars Celebration, the worry is just about over. Simply follow this link, enter your email in the space provided and as badges go on sale over time, you are practically guaranteed a way in. On behalf of myself and the rest of us at Future of the Force lucky enough to attend this amazing event hope to see you there!


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Editor’s Note: The Future of the Force and its writers have no affiliation with the Lyte ticketing system. However, our writers are free to share hints and tips with our readers to give them the best possible chance of gaining tickets.

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