February 7, 2023
The Rise of Skywalker | Exploring The Sith Trooper

Wait, What’s a Sith Trooper?

For the past four years we, as Star Wars fans, have been introduced to a new stormtrooper. Some have been better than others (the Death Troopers) but they have all been incredibly exciting to look at.

The Rise of Skywalker | Exploring The Sith Trooper

The Last Jedi released the brand-new Executioner Troopers which turned out to be a lot less cool than they seemed at first glance. These troopers weren’t even used for anything incredible except almost killing Finn and Rose. And yeah their laser axes were super scary but since they didn’t get to use them they might as well have just been regular stormtroopers with cool looking new weapons.

The Rise of Skywalker | First Order Sith Trooper Unveiled by Lucasfilm

J.J Abrams has now created yet another new trooper to join the growing arsenal of Star Wars soldiers and clearly, it seems pretty darn awesome. For the Skywalker saga finale, it’s no surprise that this trooper would be given such an ominous title; the Sith Trooper. But why is it called that?

Is it called the Sith Trooper because it’s the same bold red as Siths’ lightsabers? Are they called Sith Troopers because Kylo Ren (with his mask on by the way) was like, “Ooh, new design. I want them to seem scary. Let’s call them the Sith Trooper.” Or–and there’s about a 10% chance of this happening–are they called Sith Troopers because they are literally Sith trainees? Wouldn’t that be mindblowing?!

The Rise of Skywalker | Exploring The Sith Trooper

The questions are flying through my brain but I must calm my thoughts, remember what Luke Skywalker said (“Breathe, just breathe), and wait to see these troopers in action on December 20.

Oh, so many more months to wait. 😢


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