Supergirl | Kara is Rocking an Awesome New Suit for Season 5

Here’s our first proper look at Supergirl’s new threads

The landscape of the CW Arrowverse is about to change forever. With Arrow coming to an end and Stephen Amell vacating his role as the Green Arrow the CW Universe is getting a fresh new look. Ruby Rose’s Batwoman is set to swoop in to defend Gotham City and with “Crisis on Infinite Earth’s” looming on the horizon the entire universe is about to feel the burden of a dramatic landscape change.

We recently reported that the Green Arrow was getting a cool new outfit for his eighth and final season and took the liberty of dropping in a few images of Kara Zor-El’s new suit for Supergirl Season 5, but until now, the images have not been great.

Well stop the presses…that is about to change. A suitably cool new image has emerged which reveals the awesome new suit Kara will be sporting in Supergirl Season 5.


The sleek new suit has been streamlined to perfection. Gone is the vibrant red skirt. The cape has adopted a far more aerodynamic appearance and the suit itself is hauntingly reminiscent of the New 52 era. The new suit represents a significant step forward for the character. Unlike her superhero counterparts, Kara has remained sported the same costume for four seasons and a refresh was well overdue.


With Kara being forced to grow a lot faster than she’d have liked in season 4, the character needed to adopt a more serious, contemporary look, and with the constant threat of Lena Luthor proving to be the irremovable thorn in her side, Supergirl looks more than ready for the challenge.

Supergirl Season 5 debuts this October.


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