December 5, 2022
S.H. Figuarts News | Luke Skywalker (Crait) The Last Jedi Revealed

The force projection Luke Skywalker is heading to the Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Collection

With news emerging that the long-overdue Han Solo action figure from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally set to make its debut in Tamashii Nations’ S.H. Figuarts line, it’s a great time to be a Star Wars collector.

S.H. Figuarts News | Han Solo Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Production

The S.H Figuarts line has had its fair share of successes this year. Not only has the collection been bolstered by the incredible action figures from the Avengers Endgame line, but Star Wars has seen the release of characters like Count Dooku and Jedi Master Yoda. However, they are not the jewel in the crown.

As mentioned above, The Force Awakens incarnation of Harrison Ford’s ageing Han Solo is finally heading into production. The figure was first revealed over a year ago and its transition to the assembly line has been far longer than anyone expected. But the news just keeps getting better, because we are pleased to confirm that Mark Hamill‘s Luke Skywalker will also be getting the Figuarts treatment.


Last year saw the release of the highly popular Luke Skywalker Ahch-To attire. The figure was a vast improvement over Hasbro’s Black Series version, but Tamashii’s latest attempt will go one better. The figure is a representation of his force projection attire from the finale of The Last Jedi where Luke encounters Kylo Ren on the salt plains of Crait.

Tamashii Nations has released several awesome promo images for this incredible action figure which you can see below:


As pictured, as well as coming with an alternate head, Luke Skywalker will come complete with two lightsaber options and Han Solo’s iconic lucky dice. The dice is an action figure first. They have never been replicated for the action figure scale and make the set all the more appealing.

To be fair, a six-inch scale Crait Luke Skywalker is well overdue. The force projection was arguably one of the best sequences in The Last Jedi and fans have been calling for an action figure version for some time. Thankfully Tamashii Nations are on hand to answer the call.

The figure is available to pre-order now with an expected release date of December, meaning he could be wrapped up beneath your Christmas tree in time for The Rise of Skywalker. But get your order in early, something tells me this one will sell out fast!

May the force be with you.


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