Black Widow | Meet the Cast

Annlyel explores the cast of Marvel Studios’ upcoming Black Widow movie

For the past few months more and more information concerning the highly-anticipated Black Widow movie has arrived. First, it was the cast that was slowly but surely assembled. Then San Diego Comic-Con gave us some tantalizing info about the film and people at the conference were lucky enough to see actual footage, which from the descriptions sounded pretty awesome. Now, in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, more news surrounding the film has been revealed.

For months there was speculation about the characters the cast would play but now there is official fact. So, with no further delay, here are the characters starring alongside the beloved Avenger, Black Widownext May.

Black Widow | Meet the Cast

O-T Fagbenle: Mason

Mason is, according to O-T Fagbenle, a contact from Natasha’s past. He’s practically her “fixer” and while their relationship is very professional there’s a bit of romance involved. Or at least Mason hopes so but Natasha Romanoff isn’t the most open person to get in a relationship with. Still, they have a past. Maybe that past will be somewhat revealed.

People are speculating that Mason is indeed an adaptation of the character Rick Mason who was an operative with connections to Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D as The Agent. Sounds pretty cool, if you ask me.


Rachel Weisz: Melina

Melina is a tough cookie. She’s been through the Red Room program five times, making her a highly-skilled assassin who’s grown a love for science. Sounds familiar?

In the Black Widow comic books, there was Melina Vostokoff. A KGB mercenary who has a taste for villainy. Going by the code name Iron Maiden, Melina plots revenge against Black Widow after always residing in Romanoff’s shadow in the Red Room. Yay, a female villain!

Black Widow | Meet the Cast

David Harbour: Alexei Shostakov

Like the Red Skull and Captain America, the Soviets made a Super Soldier of their own and it was Alexei Shostakov who became this Super Soldier, also known as The Red Guardian. The Red Guardian hasn’t been labeled as a villain in the film but David Harbour has revealed that he has “complicated feelings about Cap.”

Hmm… Interesting.

Black Widow | Meet the Cast

Florence Pugh: Yelena Belova

It’s been speculated that Florence Pugh would play the role of the infamous Black Widow character in the comics, Yelena Belova, who is also known as Black Widow. And sure enough, those speculations have been confirmed.

In the comics, there is a real love/hate relationship between Yelena Belova and Natasha Romanoff. Belova, at age 15, becomes the new Black Widow after Natasha became a S.H.I.E.L.D agent who was no longer loyal to Russia. In an effort to outdo Romanoff Belova constantly tries to be better than Natasha in missions, creating an almost sisterly rivalry between the two characters. In the end, Belova becomes one of Romanoff’s archnemeses and it looks like they’re adapting that storyline into the movie. Of course, there could be a twist where Yelena Belova becomes the new Black Widow moving forward in the MCU but…we have to wait and see.

Black Widow | Meet the Cast

So, these are the characters the cast are playing. The main villain of the film has been confirmed to be TaskMaster but whoever’s actually playing the villain hasn’t been revealed. Does that mean one of these characters is secretly the primary antagonist of the movie?

*wriggling my eyebrows*

Yes, this movie is getting more interesting with each passing month!


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