Spider-Man | Sony Publicly Addresses the Spider-Man MCU Controversy

Kevin Feige’s workload blamed for the breakdown in the Disney/Sony partnership

Last night, all hell broke loose when news emerged from the negotiations table revealing that Disney and Sony had parted ways and had terminated the agreement which saw Spider-Man take up an active role in the MCU. For a time, it was believed that the reason for the fallout was due to the co-financing of future movies and how the box office revenue would be shared between the two giants, however, Sony Pictures has moved quickly to clarify its position amid the rising backlash from angry fans.

Taking to Twitter, the studio posted an update on the crisis:

As you can see from the above tweets, Sony is feeling the loss of Kevin Feige‘s involvement in Spider-Man’s future as much as we are citing the added burden of the Fantastic Four and X-Men properties as the reason for the deal’s collapse. That being said, the studio appears to be confident that it can deliver quality Spider-Man movies without Feige’s guiding hand following the success of both Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man | Sony Publicly Addresses the Spider-Man MCU Controversy

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Last night, fans were quick to erupt in anger following the news and a small pocket even launched a #BoycottSony campaign eager to make their voices heard. Thankfully, in the hours that followed cooler heads have prevailed and the majority are now waiting on the edge of their seat for some clarity about Spidey’s future. For the moment, the situation remains uncertain. Sony has not ruled out Spider-Man participating in the MCU, neither has it alleviated our concerns and confirmed his ongoing participation. But one thing is certain, Marvel fans aren’t happy with this sudden breakdown of the relationship and the threat of having the rug pulled out from under their feet in the wake of Avengers Endgame is more than enough to spark outrage.

Spider-Man | Sony Publicly Addresses the Spider-Man MCU Controversy

In my opinion, this fiasco is a disaster. Spider-Man’s involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was one of the biggest success stories of the last decade and the idea of him being exiled from the greatest Marvel adventures is a bitter pill to swallow. Sadly, in a world where the almighty dollar outweighs the satisfaction of the paying customers, Sony and Disney have the overall say in Spider-Man’s future. We can only hope that common sense prevails, and a deal can be struck to ensure Spider-Man’s long-term future before Sony ruins what has been his best run at the box office EVER.


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