September 22, 2023
S.H. Figuarts Review | Spider-Man Upgrade Suit (Spider-Man Far From Home)

Thomas swings into action to review the awesome Spider-Man Upgraded Suit action figure from Tamashii Nations

Tamashii Nations’ second S.H. Figuarts figure from the Spider-Man Far From Home range is the Upgraded Suit!

This figure includes 3 interchangeable pair of eyes, 10 interchangeable hands, 5 web effects, one back hole if you want to attach the figure to basic stand. If you want to attach that back hole you need to remove a little piece from the back of the figure but I have failed to succeed, it’s really hard to do so.

S.H. Figuarts Review | Spider-Man Upgraded Suit (Spider-Man Far From Home)

It’s not just a repaint from the basic suit, it’s actually a brand new sculpt with improved articulation. This figure has a total of 30 points of articulation, probably one of the highest for Figuarts! They absolutely nailed it with the suit, they got all the details. It’s a real upgrade from the Marvel Legends figure! Yes, it’s smaller but there is no comparison to be made here in terms of details and quality. And Marvel Legends should take notes from Figuarts if they want to improve the ugly neck joint. Figuarts is using that same articulation on this figure but they hide it in a better way because you don’t really notice it.

S.H. Figuarts Review - Spider-Man Upgrade Suit (Spider-Man Far From Home) 7

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Four of the web effects are designed to be put before the hand on the wrists, pretty much like any other Spider-Man figures. And there is one to hold with the hand.

S.H. Figuarts Review | Spider-Man Upgraded Suit (Spider-Man Far From Home)

It’s nice they included different pairs of eyes for different expressions but the system to remove the eyes is the worst Figuarts could have come up with. They wanted to do something similar from Hot Toys but without the magnets. Problem is Hot Toys are 12-inch figures and Figuarts are 6-inch figures so the head is much smaller and so it’s painful to interchange the eyes. I don’t like this system at all on Figuarts figures. MAFEX uses interchangeable heads, which is much much better for this size of figures. That’s my only complaint about the figure but it’s a big one. However, it doesn’t take away how great this new sculpt is!


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Final Thoughts:

The definitive version of the Upgraded Suit in the 6inch scale! What a great figure!


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