Comic Review | Teen Titans: Raven

Raven comes into her own in this brand-new origin story from DC

Rachel Roth is just your average 17-year-old girl. Well, except that she recently lost her foster mom in a car accident. And she has amnesia. And she can hear people’s thoughts. And there’s that bird shadow she sees sometimes too… Okay, so maybe Rachel isn’t so average after all.

Teen Titans: Raven | Written by Kami Garcia, Art by Gabriel Picolo

Comic Review | Teen Titans: Raven

Apart from all that though, Rachel, a.k.a. Raven, goes to high school, has a crush on a cute guy- you know the drill. She lives with her foster mom’s sister and niece in New Orleans. Her new family is kind and supportive….and a little more knowledgeable about Raven’s past and powers than they’re letting on.

Raven is just trying to get through high school without accidentally murdering someone with her brain. At the same time, she’s trying to get her memories back. She has a lot on her plate. Growing into your powers is never easy. But if anyone can do it, it’s Raven.

A successful start to a new anthology

Teen Titans: Raven is a story of recovery from loss. It is about finding belonging and acceptance despite being unsure of your own worth. As a fellow emotional Spooky Girl, I found a lot to relate to in this book.

Raven’s story is accessible and emotional. It feels as if you are tapping into your own empathic powers as you follow her doing the same. High school stories can often end up trite or stereotypical but writer Kami Garcia balances the highs and lows expertly to avoid this.

Gabriel Picolo’s art is gorgeous. Much of the background is in black-and-white, while Raven and others appear in color. I searched for meaning in this pattern but each time I thought I understood, I was subverted. I have yet to decide whether I adore this frustration or resent it, but I definitely respect it.

Teen Titans: Beast Boy is next up in the Garcia-Picolo series. After the sneak-peek at the end of Raven, I’m eager to find it via my local library in 2020.

Teen Titans: Raven by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo is published by DC Comics and is available to buy NOW!


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