December 8, 2023
Comic Review | The Mighty Thor Vol.4: The War Thor

Another Thor arrives on the scene as the War of the Realms rages on. Who is this mysterious, red-bearded Thor? 

Enter the War Thor

As Makekith’s campaign against the other Realms continues, Senators Solomon of Midgard, Volstagg of Asgard, and Milkmane of Alfheim travel to the Skornheim Mountains of Nidavellir to see the Light Elf refugees. While there, Nidavellir comes under attack from the Muspelheim fire goblins. Volstagg tries and fails to protect a group of children. In his despair, a mysterious Mjolnir, formerly of the Ultimate Universe and imbued with that Thor’s rage and thirst for war, summons him. 

Imbued with the rage of this Mjolnir, the new War Thor vows to end the War of the Realms. He travels to Muspelheim and attempts to destroy the inhabitants in revenge. It’s up to the Odinson and The Mighty Thor to stop him from committing genocide in the name of stopping genocide.

The Mighty Thor Volume 4: The War Thor | Written by Jason Aaron, Art by Russell Dauterman and Valerio Schiti

This volume took us back to the ongoing conflict with Malekith and his cabal. It showed us just how serious the war is and the cost of it. However, I think the introduction of another Thor took away from Jane Foster’s story arc. It did make things more interesting, but this is supposed to be the story of Jane as Thor. That being said, it did do a very good job showcasing the horrors and realities of war by showing Volstagg’s reaction and transformation. 


In this one-shot, The Mighty Thor travels back in time to the Viking Age where she meets a much younger Odinson than she’s ever encountered. As this younger Thor tries to make himself worthy of lifting the hammer, the Mighty Thor helps him in battle and to understand what it means to be worthy.

This story was really sweet as it had two Thors coming together to fight and learn to respect one another. It also gave us a taste of a time when the Odinson wasn’t worthy of the hammer yet.

Creative Team

Jason Aaron was the author of Marvel’s Star Wars until Kieron Gillen took over. He has also worked on the X-Men, Wolverine, and Doctor Strange comics. Russell Dauterman was a costume illustrator in the movie industry before becoming a comic book artist. He is the major artist for The Mighty ThorValerio Schiti has worked on Ironman: Tony Stark and Guardians of the Galaxy. His style melded well with Dauterman’s. Schiti contributed artwork to issues #20 and #21.

All in all, I did enjoy this volume better than the last. The War Thor was an interesting addition to the story. I look forward to seeing how the story continues with The War Thor assisting in the fight against Malekith.

The Mighty Thor Volume 4: The War Thor is published by Marvel Comics and is available to buy NOW!


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