December 7, 2023
Five Star Wars Movies I Would Love To See Under Kevin Feige's Direction

Annlyel explores five potential Star Wars movies Kevin Feige could produce for Lucasfilm

Even though Lucasfilm hasn’t officially announced it yet there is a great disturbance in the Force. We have received intel that Kevin Feige is, in fact, working on a Star Wars movie and is even already beginning the casting process. With this realization milling about in my brain, the speculation is already beginning to surface and I have five Star Wars movie concepts that could be outstanding to see under Kevin Feige’s touch.

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1. A Palpatine Movie

If you were into the Star Wars novels before Disney bought Lucasfilm and created a new canon of books you may recall the novel, Darth Plagueis. It details the rise of Palpatine as Darth Plagueis’s apprentice as a young man on Naboo and how he eventually (SPOILER ALERT!) kills Darth Plagueis in the ultimate assumption of power.

With Palpatine returning to the forefront of this franchise for The Rise of Skywalker it could be nice to see Kevin Feige takes this iconic Star Wars villain, find the perfect actor to portray a younger version of the character, and bring his story to life in an epic prequel on the likes of Rogue One‘s outstanding and totally unexpected level.

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2. A Mara Jade Movie

When it comes to Disney’s two biggest franchises, Marvel and Star Wars franchise, they are pushing the message of diversity in their storytelling. With nearly every recent Star Wars film having a woman as the main character wouldn’t it be great to see one of the most fascinating female characters in the literature side of the franchise get her own film? And, with the rumors that Brie Larson may get a starring role as a Jedi, this could be a fantastic story that Kevin Feige could undoubtedly bring to life in a big way. The question is, are we ready to see Brie Larson in a red wig? *shrug*

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3. A Guardians of the Galaxy Sort Of Star Wars Movie

What Star Wars desperately needs is a huge dose of creativity and I think that’s where Kevin Feige can come in. He can provide us with something new that we haven’t seen with this franchise. Something really fun that’ll drive people to the movies and leave fans clamoring for more.

When I think of Marvel and its winning formula that can be found in all of its films I immediately think of that patented humor that has made me such a fan of these movies. Take Avengers: Infinity War for example. It’s my favorite Marvel movie because it is, in short, INCREDIBLE but one thing I am always impressed by is the number of jokes that were thrown into the film. Infinity War constantly keeps you smiling and chuckling as these heroes face this unstoppable threat but when the film needs to get serious it can do so. This formula is why films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok worked. They were absolutely hilarious but managed to be really fun, entertaining movies with a bit of much-needed heart as well.

I think it would be really impressive, and nice, to see Kevin Feige tell a brand new story featuring a Guardians of the Galaxy style band of heroes who have to save a corner of the galaxy from a seriously cool Star Wars villain all while delivering a hilarious yet emotionally moving journey along the way. It will provide a new tone to Star Wars that the franchise desperately needs and could easily become if done right, one of the greatest Star Wars movies ever created.

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4. A Princess Leia Movie

Star Wars fans were given a Han Solo standalone film before we were ready for one. We were still recuperating over his death in The Force Awakens and assessing the controversial plotlines of The Last Jedi when Solo: A Star Wars Story was forced into our faces. But a Princess Leia movie? I have a feeling a Princess Leia movie would get a lot more love, especially with Carrie Fisher’s unfortunate passing in December of 2016.

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown has already expressed interest in bringing a teenage Leia to life and honestly, I would love to see that. Yes, Leia’s younger years has been fleshed out through the novel Leia: Princess of Alderaan and Star Wars: Rebels but I still feel this character deserves a crack at the big screen and Kevin Feige is the genius to do it.

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5. Solo 2

The most obvious idea would be for Kevin Feige to have been brought onto a Solo sequel project. With so much experience surrounding delivering entertaining franchise-level blockbusters, it would be imperative to have someone like him to consult on the sequel to the only Star Wars film that has ever bombed at the box-office.

Despite Solo‘s lackadaisical return at the box office, the love for the film has grown over the past year, acquiring an avid fanbase of individuals who have taken to Twitter to display their wish for a sequel under the #MakeSolo2Happen banner (me being one of them.) People want to see Han Solo’s adventures as a young smuggler continue, especially considering that we were just about to see him go get a job from Jabba the Hutt and in turn, he’ll probably run into fan favorites like Greedo and Boba Fett. That sounds exciting.

Five Star Wars Movies I Would Love To See Under Kevin Feige's Direction

And, if the rumors are true about Brie Larson potentially joining a galaxy far, far away, I think it would be a better fit to have her play a major role alongside Han Solo as a fellow smuggler than her become a Jedi. Ooh, can you imagine that? Brie Larson as a cocky smuggler alongside Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo in a Star Wars movie?! Awesome!

Five Star Wars Movies I Would Love To See Under Kevin Feige's Direction

All in all, this news is very exciting and while I’m sure we won’t get any official announcements until next year’s Star Wars celebration the simple prospect that Kevin Feige is bringing his outstanding creativity and vision to a galaxy far, far away is some of the best news I’ve heard all year.

May the Force be with us!


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