December 6, 2022
Force Friday UK | Limited Edition Carbonized Figure Locations Revealed!

Our friends at Fantha Tracks have learned the locations of where you can find the limited edition Carbonized Black Series figures!

From midnight tonight…it’s officially Force Friday!

We have ticked the days off the calendar and now the long-awaited day is almost here, but will it be a day-long remembered?! For the first time ever, Force Friday will see the release of three different box variations for Hasbro’s Black Series action figures. A white first-edition, a black standard edition, and the highly sought after carbonized editions.

Unfortunately, the in-demand carbonized versions have been restricted to a limited number of vendors, and their locations have remained a closely guarded secret…until now! Our friends over at Fantha Tracks have learned the locations of these incredible releases and where we, in the UK can get our hands on them … and they are as follows:

The Mandalorian:

This incredible figure will be available from midnight exclusively from StarActionFigures

The Second Sister Inquisitor:

Exclusively at Diamond Comics (All comic shops in the UK can order this in singles)

Sith Trooper:

This all-new Stormtrooper will be available from

First Order Jet Trooper:

This new First Order Jet Trooper will be available from Smyths Toys.

At last, the secret plans have been captured and UK fans can now set their plans in motion to get their hands on these super-cool limited edition variations. Which of these figures will you be going after on Force Friday?

Drop us a line and share your stories with us. Join us and get involved on Twitter using the hashtag #FOTForceFriday.

Good luck and happy hunting.


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Source: Fantha Tracks


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