September 30, 2022
Black Series Review | Offworld Jawa (The Mandalorian)

Thomas takes a space detour to the Outer Rim where Hasbro’s new Offworld Jawas are taking over Black Series collection

The second part of Triple Force Friday figures have now hit European stores and among them is the Offworld Jawa from The Mandalorian series that will start on November 12th on Disney+ in the US and the Netherlands. The series will launch early 2020 for France and the UK.

Black Series Review | Offworld Jawa (The Mandalorian)

The Offworld Jawas are Jawas who left Tatooine and went on to apply their trade on other worlds as per the description at the back of the figure. It comes with two blasters including one attached to the belt.

It’s a re-work of the previous Jawa figure. Instead, it has soft goods and a different color. The eyes there are red and the outfit is a dark grey-ish/brown-ish color. It’s a nice variant. I appreciate the upgrade with the soft goods but the problem here is the plastic hood. You either go fully on soft goods or you stay with plastic. The soft goods used here is a rough one, very different from the fabric capes.

Black Series Review | Offworld Jawa (The Mandalorian)

Hasbro tightened the holster of the belt blaster which makes it very difficult to put the weapon in it and I stopped there as I was afraid to break it. I’m really not happy with it especially since the first version didn’t have this problem! The blaster itself is roughly painted while the second blaster has better paint apps.

This figure has 16 points of articulation.


It is the most disappointing figure of Triple Force Friday. You have brand new products launching to promote The Rise Of Skywalker, The Mandalorian and Jedi Fallen Order and Hasbro chose to release a Jawa instead of having Cara Dune in the first wave instead of the second. The choice of characters for Force Friday this year has been a huge, huge improvement at the exception of this figure. A background character was chosen for this instead of a named one. We have yet to see figures of Kuuil and Greef Cargo.


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Final Thoughts:

An unnecessary figure.


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