December 5, 2022

Annlyel explores the sheer awesomeness of the all-new trailer for The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian. It’s a show I’ve always dreamed of. Watching The Clone Wars I always wished that one day I could see one of these epic Star Wars shows in a live-action setting. Well, like Disney’s greatest saying “When you wish upon a star Your dreams come true” I wished and wished for a live-action series and Disney has made that wish come true.

And the latest trailer has only reiterated my excitement for this series.

The Mandalorian is a masked bounty hunter dressed in two sets of intriguing armor: one that’s dull and brown and one that gleams and deflects blaster fire. In short, he’s pretty awesome and finally (finally!) we got the chance to hear him speak simply two words: “Yeah? Good.” It was nothing special but something entirely special at the same time. I found myself, already exhilarated by the new content in the trailer, internally squealing with excitement.

The Mandalorian Finally Speaks in the Latest Trailer

The Mandalorian is going to shock the Star Wars fandom, delivering prequel trilogy and original trilogy nods that’ll make many Star Wars fans practically lose it in geekiness. I mean, seeing Super Battle Droids and The Mandalorian launching himself onto a TIE Fighter all in one trailer is enough to make any true blue Star Wars fan utterly thrilled about the awesomeness we can expect in this show.


Oh gosh, I’m rambling. That’s how excited I am for this series.

I think it’s safe to say, knowing that Jon Favreau and company are already filming Season Two, this season is going to be a blast to watch and who knows, if good enough, it may contend for best TV Show Drama next year.

Does Disney Plus have the next Game of Thrones on their hands? 😁

We’ll see. We shall see.


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