Black Series Review | Clone Commander Fox (The Clone Wars) EXCLUSIVE

Thomas returns to The Clone Wars to get to grips with Clone Commander Fox from Hasbro’s Black Series line

Originally planned for a December release, the latest figure from The Clone Wars was released on Triple Force Friday as a US Target exclusive and this week in Europe as a shared exclusive. Commander Fox is another named clone from the award-winning series to join the ranks of the Black Series line.


Releasing clones from The Clone Wars is always a nice thing to witness but it would be even better to also get the troopers to go along their commanders! 212th Attack Batallion, 501st Legion and Shock troopers were released through an Entertainment Earth exclusive pack but since then they haven’t been re-released and this pack is going around at insane prices. A second release would be more than welcome because my Rex and Fox are missing their troopers! Concerning other characters, it has been confirmed that Hasbro will be making some figures next year for the big return of the show so hopefully, we’ll get Ahsoka Tano and the likes!


Fox comes with 2 blaster pistols, one blaster and one blaster riffles. The last two have been given a “used” look like Hasbro was doing with the early 3.75inch figures from The Clone Wars, it is a nice callback to that time. These weapons are all black so it’s not difficult to mess that up.

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Fox has been given an extra dirty look compared to previous releases but the problem is that he is a commander on Coruscant so he’s not one to go on big battlefields. A clean version would have been more accurate for this one. Nevertheless, if they do this kind of weathering on other clones, this would look awesome! The red marks on his armor are all accurate and very well painted! Like other clones, his kama is in soft goods, the best solution for troopers!

This figure has 22 points of articulation.


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Final Thoughts:

Another great addition to the clone ranks!


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