December 10, 2022
S.H. Figuarts Review | Imperial Stormtrooper (Star Wars: A New Hope)

Thomas joins the ranks of the Empire to review the superb new Imperial Stormtrooper from Tamashii Nations’ Figuarts line

S.H. Figuarts‘s latest Star Wars entry is the Stormtrooper from A New Hope!

S.H. Figuarts Review | Imperial Stormtrooper (Star Wars: A New Hope)

This figure comes with 6 interchangeable hands, a blaster holster, a blaster, and two blaster rifles. Each of the weapons is made of hard plastic so there’s no way it can be bent. They’re all nicely detailed. One of the blaster rifles is the Sandtrooper rifle and the other is the rifle from the Shocktroopers and jet troopers of the video game Battlefront. The blaster holster is bigger than the Black Series version and that one was already big so this one is out of size. Fortunately, you have the choice not to have it attached to the belt.

S.H. Figuarts Review | Imperial Stormtrooper (Star Wars: A New Hope)

It’s the third release of the famous Imperial trooper. The first version had a horrible helmet, on the second version, Bandai tried to improve it but it wasn’t exactly that. Finally, last year with the Mimban Trooper, it seemed they had nailed it and this normal Stormtrooper release actually confirms it! The helmet sculpt is perfect, I have no complaints about it, none!

The rest of the armor is also screen accurate, they used a really bright white color, it really feels like an armor!

This figure has 27 points of articulation.


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Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is the definitive version of the Stormtrooper in the 6inch lines!


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