The Mandalorian | Pedro Pascal Reveals the Name of his Bounty Hunter

Our newest Mando hero finally gets a name!

Hot on the heels of the launch of Disney+ and the premiere of Jon Favreau’s superb new Star Wars TV series, fans across the world are eager to learn more about Pedro Pascal’s mysterious new Bounty Hunter. In The Mandalorian‘s debut episode, fans were introduced to a horde of new Mandalorian warriors, but one thing missing from the show was the disclosure of the Mandalorian’s real name.

Well, all that is about to change thanks to Pedro Pascal.

The Mandalorian has a name, and it’s Dyn Jarren (spelling to be confirmed). The actor revealed the name of his character during a recent video interview which you can watch below:

And there we have it. Our mysterious hero finally has a name and it is true archetypal Star Wars. Dyn Jarren will be suiting up again this Friday when The Mandalorian Chapter 2 arrives on Disney Plus and we’ll almost certainly be learning a lot more about his mysterious past over the next seven episodes.

Bring it on!


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