December 6, 2022
The Mandalorian | Special Look

So, this guy walks into a bar! Check out this awesome special look at Star Wars: The Mandalorian

With The Mandalorian now appeasing legions of fans on Disney Plus, the official Star Wars YouTube channel has uploaded a special look trailer which features the now infamous cantina sequence from the start of Chapter 1.

Check it out:

This awesome clip clearly demonstrates that Mandalorian warriors will never pay for a spilt drink, so we’d recommend you avoid asking in the future. The consequences just aren’t worth it!

The Mandalorian Chapter 1 is currently streaming on Disney Plus now. Read Kat’s Review here and Katelyn’s Review here.


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1 thought on “The Mandalorian | Special Look

  1. I love Star Wars, but I don’t want to subscribe to yet another channel. I buck up for Star Trek on CBS All Access (only when ST has new episodes) and Netflix for Stranger Things and all the movies, plus my family’s cable package at home- and now I have to pay more??? Think I’ll pass for now, although this video clip makes it look very tempting.

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