December 10, 2022
Jon Favreau Shares First Photo From the Set of The Mandalorian Season 2

Favreau takes to Instagram to reveal first image from the set of The Mandalorian Season 2

With The Mandalorian now appeasing legions of fans on Disney Plus, Jon Favreau has taken to his Instagram account to reveal the first set photo from the already highly anticipated second season. With the first season still in its infancy, Favreau has revealed the image of Pedro Pascal‘s already iconic helmet which has been placed on what appears to be a sand-covered structure. Take a look:

What this sand-covered set design represents remains to be seen, however, on the strength of the debut episode, we can all look forward to some thrilling Star Wars adventures ahead on Disney+. While we wait for further instalments of the series, composer Ludwig Göransson has posted the entire soundtrack from Chapter 1 on YouTube. Check it out here.

The Mandalorian Chapter 1 is streaming on Disney Plus now with Chapter 2 set to debut this Friday.


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