December 10, 2022
Captain Marvel Should Not Have a Love Interest in 'Captain Marvel 2'

To love or not to love in the Captain Marvel sequel?

Disney Plus has given me access to Disney content previously unavailable to me, one of those, of course, being Captain Marvel. I watched the film and was quickly reminded why I am a legitimate Captain Marvel fan. The film, while ultimately boring throughout the first two-thirds of the movie, is absolutely fantastic in the last fifteen minutes of the film as she realizes her exceptional power, giving us an idea as to what to expect in the sequel.

One of the relieving aspects of Captain Marvel is the fact that she isn’t given the typical love interest. Her closest relationship is with her best friend, Maria Rambeau, which immediately changes the narrative surrounding this character. We never see her with a love interest at any point in the film, not in the flashbacks or in the actual story, and even though Yon-Rogg‘s affection for Carol Danvers can be considered a little more than friendly she seems far less than interested. Carol Danvers is, of course, capable of loving people but having a romantic involvement with someone, I think it would distract from her awesomeness.

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The sequel will most likely continue to be a prequel to the overall MCU story as she tries to find the Skrulls a home and is determined to bring the Supreme Intelligence/the Kree’s reign of terror to an end and as this storyline progresses I think it would be very smart, on Marvel Studios’ part, to refrain from incorporating a love story.

Think about it, Captain Marvel was perfectly fine without one.

To give an even greater example of the benefits of this choice, just look at Frozen II. In Frozen II the writers and creators decided not to give Queen Elsa a love interest, choosing to focus on Elsa and Anna’s sisterly relationship instead and I appreciate that. It would’ve been a distraction to her story and may have resulted in a less emotionally impactful storyline.

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The writers of Captain Marvel 2 should consider this approach. In fact, in the comics, Captain Marvel’s love interests are far and few. Her first love interest is an Air Force Special Operations officer/mentor named Michael Rossi. This, however, takes place before she becomes Captain Marvel, meaning this storyline is surely scratched. And then her only other love interest in the comics was Colonel Rhodes/War Machine for a short while which I’m pretty sure won’t become a thing later on down the road. At least I don’t think…


So yeah, Marvel Studios, please don’t force a love story on Captain Marvel. It won’t make her more likable nor is it necessary. I like her just the way she is.


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