The Mandalorian: Chapter 2 'The Child'

Nothing can stop The Mandalorian from getting his bounty. And while he showed mercy for the child, he is not to be trifled with.

The Mandalorian warrior who we were just introduced to in the premiere episode of the eponymous show, has rescued a baby of Yoda’s species. It’s a super exciting moment in Star Wars history to see another Yoda onscreen. Since this is after Endor, we are 99% sure it’s not Yoda reborn. But who knows, it could be a Yoda clone for all we know.

The Mandalorian Chapter 1


The Mandalorian warrior whose name has not been revealed is a really tough customer. Nothing can stop him from getting his bounty. And while he showed mercy for the child, he is not to be trifled with. However, unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of desert planets with Jawas and a group of them ransack the Mandalorian’s ship. Instead of stunning them, this guy starts disintegrating them! It’s a little excessive and extremely violent. But hey, he’s a Mandalorian and in Legends, those guys could switch on sociopathy!

The Mandalorian Chapter 2 Jawa Attack


His ship in shambles, the Mandalorian goes to his only ally on this Force-forsaken world, the wise Ugnaut named Kuiil. Kuiil is wise and older, and a great foil for the young(?) man who seeks his help. I always enjoy stories where an older person lends guidance to a youngster. And it’s kinda like Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker from A New Hope.

The Mandalorian Chapter 2

Kuiil decides to play nice with the Jawas, and try and reason with them. The Mandalorian is not exactly keen on Jawas and he seems a little too aggressive to these critters AGAIN. Then like many epic Old English poems or Greek myths, Mando needs to go on a quest to recover a valuable object to trade with for the Jawas.

The Mandalorian Chapter 2 jAWAS


It’s all very standard storytelling, but it gets the job done and there are a few surprises along the way. Both for Mando and the audience. I also found it very amusing what the Jawas did with the recovered object. Silly Jawas. Regardless, this series looks to be very promising and I wonder what will happen next

The Mandalorian Chapter 2 mUDHORN

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