September 26, 2022
The Mandalorian Flamethrower

Annlyel reflects on the fifth Chapter of The Mandalorian

The words in the title of this post are from something the Imperial warlord sprinkled in Episodes 1 and 3 said to our title character, The Mandalorian, as he accepted an important, very expensive bounty. Now, five episodes into the first season of The Mandalorian, and these words spoken by Werner Herzog’s character, The Client, seem all the more telling.

Werner Herzog The Mandalorian

Throughout the years the viewers’ relationship with bounty hunters has been somewhat sparse. Whether it was Jango Fett or Zam Wesell, Bossk or the original IG-88, Cad Bane or Aurra Sing, or the most beloved bounty hunter of all, Boba Fett, we have gotten to see these characters in action but we’ve never been afforded to follow their stories.

While The Mandalorian’s journey begins to unfold it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the life of a bounty hunter is easily one of the most tasking roles in the galaxy. You must come equipped with a survival-of-the-fittest mentality or you will not make it very far, a trait that The Mandalorian understands abundantly. But with each passing episode, it seems like it’s drawing closer and closer to his luck potentially running out. Of course, we know he will survive by the conclusion of the first season (they’re already working on Season 2, remember?) but those around him, are they safe? That is the looming question that has me figuratively biting my nails in anxiety.

The Mandalorian Chapter 3

The end of this week’s FANTASTIC episode, The Gunslinger, provided a rather interesting hint at a mysterious new character; one that many Star Wars fans, like myself, will try to decipher before next Friday. I have my suspicions and if they are correct I am going to jump up and down with joy but for now, it’s time to rewatch the fifth episode of The Mandalorian because it really was that enjoyable, from beginning to end. This series is constantly hitting my happy buttons.

I have spoken.


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