December 11, 2023
Star Wars Adventures Destroyer Down Review

In this edition of Star Wars Adventures by IDW, follow Rey as she investigates a downed Star Destroyer on Jakku

Unlike the previous collected editions of Star Wars Adventures, this one is not a collection of multiple issues of the children-geared comic. Instead, we get one longer short story and a shorter one featuring the Star Destroyer the Spectral. This edition was a Loot Crate exclusive that is now available in paperback.

Star Wars Adventures Volume 4: Destroyer Down | Written by Scott Beatty, Art by Derek Charm

Ghost Ship

While Rey was living on Jakku, a fierce sandstorm hits Niima outpost and the surrounding area revealing a previously un-explored wreck, the Spectral. Believed by the locals to be haunted, Unkar Plutt nevertheless wants it plundered. Rey is the only one brave enough to take on the job. However, the ship might not be as abandoned as they think, it just might not be inhabited by ghosts either.

I really liked that this was a longer-than-normal short story for this comic. It took up most of the book, which is a plus compared to the other collected editions in this series. The focus on Rey and her life on Jakuu was also nice. While some might think it redundant to keep showing her scavenging, I like that it shows what she went through to survive on her own. It helps to emphasis that she’s a young girl living on her own in a harsh environment and risking it all just to get more food portions.

I don’t want to get too spoiler-y, but I loved seeing that K-2SO isn’t the only security droid out there! It was a nice surprise to see who actually “haunted” the wreck. I also liked that Rey helped one of Unkar’s thugs that were after her, so the thug helped her in the end showing that we all have to help one another to survive on Jakku.

Destroyer Down

The titular story was more in line with the usual length of some of the shorts included in this series and tells the tale of how the ship went down. Shepard Squadron, a new-to-the-Rebellion squad, takes on the Star Destroyer Spectral. After losing their commander in the ensuing dog fight, one lone fighter gets too close to the ship in an attempt to damage it and gets sucked along through hyperspace when the Spectral goes to lightspeed. He manages to damage the ship in a lucky shot over Jakku causing it to lose thrust and fall to the planet’s surface.

While it was a bit unrealistic that one pilot could take on a Destroyer and win, the point was to show that every soldier is valuable. The character repeatedly states “I’m no Luke Skywalker” but that he can still work to make a difference. Which is what this story showcases brilliantly. No matter who you are, you can make a difference. After all, as Saw Gerrera used to say “One fighter with a sharp stick and nothing left to lose can take the day.”

Artist and Author

Scott Beatty is an American comic book writer who has written for DC and several of the popular DK Ultimate Guides featuring DC characters. He has also previously written for Star Wars comics at Dark Horse. Derek Charm is a comics artist who has illustrated several of the stories in the ongoing Star Wars Adventures series.


Star Wars Adventures Volume 4: Destroyer Down is published by IDW and is available to buy NOW!


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