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Annlyel explores the tried and tested formula of the new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer

The trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 has finally arrived and with it so have my worries about this movie. You may not know this but Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to come out in June of this year. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, it was moved to June 2020 to hit theaters and now, after seeing this trailer, maybe I understand why.

2017’s Wonder Woman was a decent superhero film but for reasons that I do not feel like fully elaborating upon right now, I wasn’t a fan of the film. One particular reason why Wonder Woman fell short of the pinnacle of awesomeness for me is because of Steve Trevor. I get it, he’s an important character in Wonder Woman’s story, he has been since the character originated in the comics, but why did he have to be brought back from the dead to fight alongside Wonder Woman…again? It’s why Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster was eventually taken out of the Thor movies. She had no place in the story. I feel the same thing with Steve Trevor. He has no right to be fighting alongside someone as powerful as Wonder Woman in an effort to save the world. Not again!

Wonder Woman 1984 Steve Trevor Character Poster

Yeah, it worked in Wonder Woman but that was an entirely different story. I want a little more imagination to be brought to this story. New characters, maybe this time around no love interests, I mean come on. He’s not that special! And even though Wonder Woman’s new golden suit is clearly awesome why does she have it in this particular film but didn’t show up with it at any point in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice or Justice League? These are the continuation problems that are common with the DCEU…unfortunately.

Wonder Woman is clearly one of the greatest superheroes ever to be created but the movies aren’t allowing her to be as fantastic as she can be. She’s this powerful character that is constantly bogged down by the writers’ need to make her I guess human.

Wonder Woman 1984 Invisible Jet

“Have you ever been in love?” Barbara Minerva asks Diana Prince at the beginning of the trailer. What?! What type of question is this? Why do we care so much about Wonder Woman being in love? Does a trailer ever start for a Superman or Batman movie with someone asking them, “Have you ever been in love?” It’s so sexist! No, Steve Trevor should not be the center of Wonder Woman’s universe. But unfortunately, we’ll have to watch another Wonder Woman film that says otherwise. If there is a third Wonder Woman movie and he’s still in it I don’t know what I’m going to do?!

Wonder Woman Golden Eagle Suit

I’m hoping the official trailer, which will probably drop in either February or March, will make me happier than this trailer did. We’ll see…

Wonder Woman 1984 is unleashed in cinemas on June 5th 2020.


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