December 6, 2023
DC Movies in 2022

2022 is set to be a bumper year for DC Movies with four blockbusters in twelve months!

If you’re not a fan of superhero movies then I’m sure the announcement of all of these superhero films is beyond annoying. Being someone who is, in fact, a superhero movie fan, however, makes these announcements feel like fantastic surprises.

Marvel Studios, starting in 2021, will be cramming content into our faces with four Marvel movies a year as well as several Disney+ series, which will be connected to the films. It’s kind of staggering to think about. The minds behind the DC Extended Universe are determined not to be left behind though, with them releasing what are destined to be three highly-anticipated movies come 2022.

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The Flash will be the first time the literally-dashing superhero would be brought to the big screen. The Flash is currently doing very well on the small screen in the CW hit series, The Flash, plus the spinoffs, but can that translate to the movie theaters? Personally, I’m not a HUGE fan of Ezra Millers’ portrayal of the character. He was a bit funny in Justice League (funnier than expected, actually) but it wasn’t long before he transitioned from hilarious to downright annoying. Although, with better writing and a solid storyline backing him (plus a cool villain) The Flash clearly has a chance of being one of the greatest DCEU movies made so far.

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The Flash Justice League

To say that Shazam! surprised me is an understatement. When I watched the trailers I wasn’t impressed. When I saw the commercials I wasn’t enticed. And then the reviews started to come out. Suddenly, this superhero movie that looked to be another DCEU failure was delivering joy to thousands. Now I was intrigued. My family and I went to the movie theaters to see the film in IMAX in a mostly empty theater (apparently people don’t care as much about DCEU films as Marvel movies, go figure) and we were all blown away. Was it the best superhero movie I had ever seen? Was it totally predictable from beginning to end? Pretty much. But what struck me most about this film was the legitimate joy it brought me.

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From the humor to the clap-worthy surprise toward the end of the film, Shazam! was the first DCEU movie that I could say I definitively LOVED.

With Black Adam, starring an eager Dwayne Johnson, slated to arrive in 2021, it’s very clear that the release date for Shazam! 2 is intentional. Get ready for an epic showdown between the cunning Black Adam and the hilarious Shazam come 2022. (I can’t wait!)

Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam Will Hit Cinemas in 2021

And finally, there’s Aquaman 2 which has already been confirmed to have a December release date, a release date that might, in fact, change if Lucasfilm is indeed wanting to feature the beginning of a new trilogy in hopefully December (not May) of 2022.

Aquaman Returns | Warner Bros. Confirms Our Returns to Atlantis

There’s a lot of potential for Aquaman 2. Arthur Curry is now officially the King of Atlantis, meaning when next we see him he will have honed his abilities even more. It’s very plausible that his half-brother, former King Orm, could take up a trident as a wary ally of Atlantis in the fight against a greater evil; a greater evil spearheaded by revenge-stricken Black Manta. And who isn’t ready to see Queen Mera kicking more butt and being the awesome superheroine that she is?

Mera in Aquaman

Plus, who knows what plot threads could be woven from the Aquaman spin-off, The Trench which, as of right now, doesn’t have a release date, or a director, or a cast, but is solidly in the works. The film is set to come out before Aquaman 2 though so we will be seeing it sooner rather than later.

The Trench Aquaman

All in all, between these three DCEU movies and the upcoming Marvel films that same year (Black Panther 2, possibly the first X-Men movie under Marvel Studios, Blade, and Fantastic Four!) these next few years are going to be a real treat to be a superhero movie fan.


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