February 6, 2023
Cats Review

Darcie checked out ‘Cats’ and had some choice words about the big-screen adaptation of a classic

Our writers get around. Not only do they contribute to Future of the Force, but many of them channel their passion for film into their own blogs. Writing for Just Another Film Blog, Darcie recently grabbed a bucket of popcorn and checked into her local multiplex for a screening of Cats and had some choice words about the big-screen adaptation of the theatrical classic.

Cats | Universal Pictures

Cats Poster 2019

“Normally I would start by giving a quick rundown of a film’s narrative, however I don’t think I can do that for Cats. Why you ask? Well because I am not fully sure what this movie is about, I spent the first twenty minutes being completely confused – during this time I considered leaving the movie several times. Then I got slightly to grips with what was going on and it seems like this movie is about a conveniently timed talent show that may or may not lead to the death of the winner (I mean the winner just vanished into the clouds so…). It’s all very strange and honestly, I’m not even going to try and work out what was even going on” 

Check out her full review HERE:

Cats is distributed by Universal Pictures and is playing in cinemas everywhere NOW!


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Darcie Gray is a new addition to the Future of the Force roster. Aside from being a passionate Star Wars fan, she loves every genre of movies and she channels her passion for film into her personal blog Just Another Film Blog. Follow her on Twitter @Darcie_Letitia where she shares her love of film regularly.


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