Review | The Mandalorian Chapter 7

Review | The Mandalorian Chapter 7

Max enters the stand-off to review The Mandalorian Chapter 7

The Mandalorian Chapter 7 is to date the best episode in the series, and it remains to be seen whether the season finale is able to top it.​​​​​​​​​ The episode follows the presumed formula to The Rise of Skywalker. Gather all your allies for a final stand against a common enemy. The Mandalorian is contacted by his old “foe”, Greef Karga who offers him a chance to clear his name with the Bounty Hunting Guild AND provide safety for the Child; as long as he helps him kill the client. ​​​​​​​It seems like a good deal, and the Mandalorian acquiesces and gathers the allies he made in the last few months. He manages to convince Cara Dune, Kuiil the Ugnaught and a re-programmed IG-11 to come back to Nevarro.​​​​​​​​ On Nevarro and on the trip we learn that The Child is VERY strong in the Force and he displays a Force power I’ve never seen outside of a video game. Yet, oddly not even the wise Kuiil knows what the Child is doing.

The Mandalorian - Chapter 7 Mando, Cara Dune

How do they not know about the Force? It’s one thing not to believe in a higher power, but surely they must’ve heard stories? Very odd. Also, I almost bit my tongue when Kuiil examined the Child. Nick Nolte’s character mumbles and I can’t be sure what he referred to the Child as. I caught “very evolved” which is intriguingly acceptable but I do NOT want his species to ever be revealed. It’s a Yoda fanboy thing.​​​​​

Review | The Mandalorian Chapter 7 Greef and Mando

Another weird thing I noticed was Kuiil told the story of how he found IG-11’s inert body in the compound where the Mandalorian left him and reprogrammed him. The sequence was just a little strange. I thought droids were reprogrammed and started working like sentient’s from the get-go. However, IG-11 needed to “learn” how to walk and manipulate objects like a toddler would over the course of, presumably, many weeks. It reminded me a lot of the robots Atlas Boston are developing now, here on Earth. ​​​​​​​​Anyway, the new crew travels across the lava plains of Kavaro on Kuiil’s blurrgs that he brought with him; they forge a “true” friendship with Greef and hatch an excellent plan to get close to the Client AND keep the child safe. The “negotiations” go well but an unexpected surprise forces everyone to reevaluate the situation. Outgunned and outnumbered, we meet a new enemy (NOT Boba Fett) and all seems lost for The Mandalorian. Karga had originally said they only needed to deal with 4 stormtroopers, but yeah well, he was wrong…….​​​​It’s super cool to see Death Troopers from Rogue One and Rebels and the new bad guy’s TIE shuttle is very reminiscent of the stuff the First Order will later use.

Review | The Mandalorian Chapter 7

The episode ends tragically and with little hope for Mando and his friends; showing once again, how talented Jon Favreau is. Chapter 8 is sure to be an unmissable wild ride and you know this reviewer won’t hesitate to stay up till 3 a.m. to see it. Early congratulations to Disney for this unforgettable adventure and I give Chapter 7, 4 ¾ out of 5 Death Stars. Almost perfection!


The Mandalorian Chapters 1-7 are currently streaming on Disney Plus.


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