December 10, 2022
Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Rey

Katelyn explores the relevance of Rey’s new lightsaber in The Rise Of Skywalker

“Striking a balance between the Guardian and the Consular, the Jedi Sentinel is a class that combines both disciplines with civilian expertise.” – Jedi Recruiter Morrit Ch’Gally, The Jedi Path

At the end of The Rise of Skywalker, we got to see Rey’s new lightsaber. Right away, you may notice its worn appearance. Upon second viewing, I realized that the hit included parts of her staff.

Then she ignited her blade. Yellow.

That moment was the biggest reminder of the past we had seen yet. A yellow blade would have signified Rey as a Jedi Sentinel in the Old Republic. The color is connecting her to the Jedi that came before in a subtle, yet large way. She is a guard. A watchman over the Order and to the people who the new Republic will rule over. Before I go too far, let’s review what a Sentinel is.


The Jedi Order was split into 3 disciplines: the Guardians, Consulars, and Sentinels. The easiest way to think of the differences is imagining coming to a locked door. A Guardian would bust down the door. A Consular would knock. A Sentinel would pick the lock. During the Old Republic, lightsaber colors could signify what discipline a Jedi belonged to. Guardians traditionally had blue blades, Consular had green, and Sentinels had yellow.

In my view, it’s possible to know too much about combat and the Force- if it means you know next to nothing about intelligence gathering, computer slicing, technological surveillance, or espionage. Sentinels approach these disciplines from the bottom up, without assuming that the Force will reveal all the answers. When you do this, you’ll find there’s a great deal the civilians of the galaxy can teach us.―Jedi Recruiter Morrit Ch’gally, The Jedi Path


Sentinels practised lightsaber technique and force abilities just like their counterparts. However, they also learned civilian crafts. Sentinels believed that a Jedi must mainly live and work outside the temples to truly know and serve the people. The most secretive of Sentinels, the Shadows, were trained in finding and destroying Sith objects and users. In The Jedi Path, Darth Sidious makes a note on the Sentinel page that a large number of the Jedi who survived the purge were Sentinels because they rarely worked in temples. Since they were trained in so many civilian skills, they were able to blend into the population and disappear.

Star Wars | Defining Moments: Rey

Rey is also the protector of what will become the new Order, reminding us of another sect of Sentinels, the Temple Guards.

The guards were shown in The Clone Wars and then had a full episode in Rebels. Temple Guards could be of any discipline but became a sect of the Sentinels upon entering service. Being a temple guard was a calling, and required absolute denial of self. The mask represented a loss of identity and total service to the Order.

Star Wars | Defining Moments: Rey

Interestingly, the Guards carried double-sided light pikes with yellow blades as their weapon. The blades are shorter than the average lightsaber with a slightly longer hilt instead. I have found it interesting that Rey has carried a staff since The Force Awakens and wondered if her choice of weapon would come to mean anything. Since her saber hilt is made from the staff, I wouldn’t be surprised if she could attach the blade to the staff for a pike look.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker D23 Trailer | Our Verdict

This discipline fits Rey well. She has skills beyond her Force abilities. She believes in working with her team and newcomers. She enjoys the civilian populations and seemed to appreciate each different planet she visited. She can blend in. She was a scrapper and has proven she has technology skills above the average user. She understands there are things she doesn’t know and looks forward to learning.  Even the look of her saber seems to represent a used past, an already long road traveled.

She deserves that yellow blade.


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