December 10, 2022

WandaVision will now stream on Disney Plus sometime in 2020

Great news Marvel fans.

Marvel Studios and Disney Plus have announced plans for WandaVision to be streamed on the platform sometime in 2020. The tentpole series was originally slated to be released in Spring 2021, however, with The Mandalorian having come to its inevitable climax the platform was lacking in original content over the next twelve months.

WandaVision was expected to be released in the same calendar year as Loki, Hawkeye and What If?, but will now slip into an empty schedule which currently only boasts Marvel’s other hot property, Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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Production on WandaVision is currently well underway with filming expected to wrap sooner rather than later which appears to have paved the way for the series to premiere in the fall.

With the immense success of The Mandalorian taken into consideration, Disney Plus is eager to up the ante and maintain its positive word of mouth. And with Season 2 already deep into production, 2020 now appears to be another bumper year for the streamer.

Exciting times ahead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



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