Star Wars The Last Jedi Hot Toys Luke Skywalker Crait Review

Thomas takes a space detour to the mineral planet Crait for a rendezvous with Hot Toys‘ stellar new Luke Skywalker

Sideshow and Hot Toys have introduced the new Luke Skywalker (Crait) Sixth Scale Collectible Figure as seen during his showdown with Kylo Ren on the planet of Crait in Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker - Crait Star Wars: The Last Jedi 1

As with recent Star Wars releases, the box shows different glam shots of the figure you’re getting. This one comes with a Crait base stand, 8 interchangeable hands, Han‘s dice, an interchangeable arm with the LED light-up lightsaber, the Skywalker lightsaber with two different blades (action and pose), two additional joints for the hands, batteries for the light-up lightsaber and the manual. As usual before opening, read the manual. And yes, before you ask, one of the interchangeable hands is the one to recreate that classic scene from the movie where he pushes off the salt debris!

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker - Crait (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) 2

The Crait base stand is wonderful, I love it when they go with an environment rather than the standard base stand!

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker - Crait (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) 3

The outfit is screen accurate and uses different types of fabric for the different parts of the outfit. The cape has steel wires at the bottom for better poseability. There are also steel wires threaded inside the hood so you can put it on and off like you want.

The headsculpt is truly amazing, it’s spot on Mark Hamill, Hot Toys never disappoints with head sculpts! And, as always, figures have more than 32 points of articulation.


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Final Thoughts

Hot Toys delivers another must-have figure!


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