December 10, 2022
Star Wars Resistance: S2.17 Rebuilding The Resistance Review

Max sinks his teeth into Star Wars: Resistance S2.17 – “Rebuilding The Resistance”

“Rebuilding the Resistance” starts immediately strong with some X-wings flying towards the Colossus. We get a nice reunion for Captain Doza and Tora, as Venisa Doza is the leader of Jade Squadron. Venisa is a very likeable character and an excellent motivational speaker. She has a history with Yeager and it remains to be seen if that connection will be explored further in other Star Wars mediums.

Star Wars Resistance Rebuilding The Resistance Yeager and Venisa

Venisa and Yeager discuss Tam, and they both agree that she needs time to make the decision on who she fights for. It’s a little vague and laisse-faire, but there really is nothing else they can do.​​​​​​​​​​ The mission is simple. Escort Resistance recruits off of Dantooine. Dantooine is one of the oldest planets in lore, and Princess Leia herself name-drops it as the “rebel base” in A New Hope. Now we finally get to see it! Anyway, as they get to the planet, we also learn that (not surprisingly), Kaz almost got himself kicked out of the New Republic Navy several times. They all tease Kaz and its kinda funny and adds humanity and comradery to the characters – right before battle!​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Star Wars Resistance Rebuilding The Resistance X-Wing

What makes this episode shine for me were the dogfights above Dantooine with TIE’s in both orbit and atmosphere. Venisa Doza is an excellent pilot; scoring a decisive kill and we can certainly see where Tora learned to fly so well. Venisa and Tora’s tag-team move, cutely named the Doza dive, was a little disappointing in its execution though; I expected a bit intricate maneuver. However, Kaz and Hype’s tag team move was much more flashy and fun to watch.​​ On the evil side, we have Tam continue to struggle with indecision, but also some First Order conformity as she draws strength from Agent Tierny’s lies and praise. Tierney sees herself in Tam, and we can only hope that Tam will choose the right path.

Star Wars Resistance Rebuilding The Resistance Tam

The battle is actually quite dark for Disney and I admire that they showed viewers that war is never fair and that you can’t save everyone. Venisa’s final words to her team, reverberate in me. “There is always loss in war. We only fail if we lose hope.” How right she is.​​​​​​​​ All in all, I enjoyed this episode immensely for the awesome, nostalgia invoking dogfights and the lesson it teaches. I give it 97% out of 100.

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