January 30, 2023
Star Trek: Picard - Emotional Nostalgia

Phil reflects on the emotional and nostalgia fuelled debut episodes of ‘Star Trek: Picard’

By now, you guys will know that my viewing experiences are heavily influenced by nostalgia. Endearing moments that resonate on a deep emotional level. Moments that make me feel like a kid again. I’m the guy that pounds the air when the Star Wars theme blasts through the speakers when the Millennium Falcon jumps to lightspeed in The Force Awakens. I’m the guy who cheers with delight when the Enterprise jumps to warp in Star Trek: Nemesis and Jerry Goldsmith’s classic theme echoes around the room.

Star Trek: Nemesis (Enterprise-E)

Needless to say, during the season one finale of Star Trek: Discovery when the original U.S.S Enterprise made her debut and came face-to-face with the Discovery, I was punching the air with delight. And then, the original Star Trek theme hit and I was gone! Dragged down the rabbit hole of Star Trek delight. It was a moment of magic. Lightning in a bottle. A moment I believed could never be replicated.

Star Trek Discovery - Enterprise

And then Star Trek: Picard arrived.

Throughout the original three chapters, Star Trek: Picard has been littered with these nostalgic flashes of delight. For example, the main titles, which are far more gentle than previous Star Trek themes climax with a delightful blast of Jerry Goldsmith’s iconic theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It is a moment of pleasure. A moment where we are greeted by an old friend who will be accompanying us on our journey.

Star Trek Picard - Picard Plays Poker with Data

Secondly, when Jean-Luc Picard transports onto the grounds of Starfleet command during episode 2, a more robust version of the theme can be heard in the background. This theme intensifies in energy when the former Captain of the Enterprise enters the doors of Starfleet Headquarters and is greeted by the holograms of the various Enterprise of yesteryear.

Old Friends Return in the NYCC Trailer for Star Trek: Picard

And finally, this past week I looked on in awe as Jean-Luc beamed aboard a space vessel for the first time this season…and Jerry Goldsmith’s theme was there to accentuate the moment again. It was beautiful in its simplicity. Here was the iconic Jean-Luc Picard back in space where he had demonstrated his unswerving ability time after time and the iconic Star Trek theme was there to greet us again.

Star Trek Picard Episode 3

But even that paled in comparison to what happened next.

Just as Picard and his impromptu crew were about to embark on their perilous journey to locate the Romulan occupied Borg Cube, the Captain of the craft turned to our beloved leader as if awaiting orders. And in true Star Trek fashion, Picard signalled the order to depart and uttered the iconic phrase which has become synonymous with his character. “ENGAGE”

Star Trek: Picard | New Trailer Debuts at SDCC

Normally this symbolism alone would have been enough to excite my inner Star Trek nerd, but there was more … as the vessel began to propel through space – the iconic Star Trek theme trumpeted through the speakers in all its delightful glory and signified that the real journey was about to begin. This was the defining moment where the series would REALLY begin. Moreover, this signified that everything is as it should be and Jean-Luc Picard was BACK!

It is endearing moments like this that will define this series … and long may they continue. The best stories are the ones that connect with you on a deep and emotional level, and I can tell you, I am more than emotionally attached to this series.

Bring on episode 4 and the next moment of nostalgic brilliance.

Make it so!


Star Trek: Picard is streaming on CBS All Access/Amazon Prime Video now.


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