September 30, 2023
The Joker 'The Dark Knight Returns' Medicom MAFEX

Medicom reveals our first look at The Joker action figure from the classic DC Comics Batman adventure

Following on from the success of their Justice League, Aquaman and X-Men action figure line, Medicom has released photos and details for their upcoming The Joker MAFEX Figure based on the ‘The Dark Knight Returns story by DC Comics. The Joker is set to follow hot on the heels of the Batman: Hush action figure line which is expected to roll out this summer featuring characters like Batman, Superman and Catwoman.

The Joker 'The Dark Knight Returns' Medicom MAFEX

This mind-blowing figure boasts incredible sculpting and unbelievable articulation making this Joker figure a must-have for all Batman fans. The set will include interchangeable hands, two swap out head sculpt and a knife and will stand about 6.3″ tall.

First Look:


Once again, Medicom appears to have outdone themselves. The Joker looks incredible. The attention to detail on the costume is top-notch making this figure one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the year. Pre-orders have already gone live, and the figure is set for release in November priced at $94.99.

Get your order in early, or the last laugh will be on you!


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