December 7, 2023
First Look | DC Comics Batman: Hush (Medicom: MAFEX No.105)

The iconic Dark Knight from Batman: Hush is coming to the Mafex range

This past week, reports emerged from Medicom Toys suggesting the imminent announcement of something truly special for Batman fans everywhere and they have not disappointed us. Medicom had vowed to release a whole new line of comic book action figures when they launched the X-Men range several months ago and it would appear they are living up to that promise.

We are delighted to confirm that Medicom Toys will be adding the iconic Dark Knight from Batman: Hush to its incredible Mafex line-up in the new year. The character plucked from the pages of the beloved graphic novel drawn by comic book legend Jim Lee is about to be unveiled in an all-new animated movie from the incredible team at Warner Bros. Animation and will now be making his way into our respective action figure collections.

First Look | DC Comics Batman: Hush (Medicom: MAFEX No.105)

The mind-blowing figure boasts incredible sculpting, shading, a dynamic cloth cape and incredible articulation making this figure a must have for all Batman fans. The set contains the typical assortment of alternate Batman heads we’ve come to expect from Mafex. The set includes a determined face, extra super determined and an unmasked version. In regard to the accessories and Medicom have not disappointed us. The set includes several interchangeable hands including two with Batman’s grapple gun moulded into the palm, not forgetting the traditional hands without weaponry. Also included is an abundance of Batarangs.


Here’s the official description:

From Medicom comes the newest Batman in their MAFEX collection, “Hush.” Featuring a sharp form and an incredible range of movement, this is an action figure for the ages! With distinctive facial expressions, wrist replacement parts and diverse additional parts, this Batman captures the original comic style extremely faithfully. Thanks to the many articulate joints, the figure can be displayed in many poses. Additionally, the cloth-material cloak is embedded with wires, making the precise placement of the cloak possible. A stand is included.


Once again, Medicom appears to have outdone themselves. Batman looks incredible and boasts an incredible level of detail. The colourization on the costume, the cape and the shading are top notch making this figure one of the hottest pre-orders around. Speaking of pre-orders, and they are hitting our favourite importers as we speak so be sure to click that button.

Batman: Hush is expected to hit store shelves in April.

First Look | DC Comics Batman: Hush (Medicom: MAFEX No.105)

Until then, Pre-Order your Blu-Ray copy of the all-new animated movie here.


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