S.H. Figuarts Iron Man MK-85 (Avengers Endgame) Review

Thomas enters the Endgame to review the awesome Iron Man MK-85 figure from Tamashii Nations

“I am Iron Man!”

My latest review is not for a new figure but the Iron Man MK-85 armor from Avengers Endgame that was released last year.


It comes with 10 interchangeable hands, 4 hand effects, 2 reactor feet effects. Just like the Infinity War Iron Man figures, the effects are blue and not yellow/orange like the previous movies.


Just like every Iron Man figure, this one uses die-cast parts in the feet and legs. The gold and red paints really feel like metal, great paint apps! Lots of details there!

This figure has 28 points of articulation for great action poses.

It’s a problem I never mentioned before but I think they should actually produce an Iron Man stand that is able to support die-cast figures because whether you use the MAFEX stands or S.H. Figuarts stands for Iron Man, it’s not easy to work it out because these are heavy figures. So if you want to display them in flight mode, it takes time to find the right spot for the stand to support the figure.


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Final Thoughts:

It’s a great figure and definitely a must-have for Iron Man fans. However, next month a new version of this figure will be released with plenty of new accessories and a Tony Stark headsculpt, though the armor will be battle damaged and not clean like this one. So I would argue that this 2019 figure is still worth buying because it’s a clean version of the armor.


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