December 5, 2022
Isolation Entertainment - Star Wars: Rebels

Annlyel is on hand with her recommendation of what to watch whilst in self-quarantine.

To help beat the coronavirus blues, for the foreseeable future, members of team Future of the Force will be on hand with our recommendations of awesome entertainment to check out whilst in self-quarantine. Whether its the best TV shows, ultimate movie marathons or lesser-known gems, we’ll be here to keep you entertained during this difficult time.

Top Five | Star Wars: Rebels - Season 2

Star Wars: Rebels is the PERFECT Binge-Watchable Obsession

If you have Disney+ Star Wars: Rebels is the show to watch. Mind you, it’s a bit slow at first but once it takes off you won’t be able to peel your eyes from the screen. The show consists of four seasons and nearly a hundred episodes, delivering a solid storyline with unforgettable characters that feel like the ultimate mash-up of all of the best heroes and villains in the franchise. Seriously, this is totally worth the watch.

Top Five | Star Wars: Rebels - Season 2

Let us know if you have any suggestions of great movies or TV shows our readers should check out and we’ll feature and share them with the FOTF community.

Stay safe.


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